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Precision Logistics in Ringwood, NJ

about precision logistics njPrecision Logistics is a third party logistics company located in Ringwood, NJ. We have been in business for over 40 years, primarily due to our exceptional customer service. We are family owned and run a 24/7 operation. This means we have the ability to track every shipment at anytime.

We carry our own insurance in addition to the transportation companies we use, which ensures quick resolution of any and all claims! An important part of our LTL operation is that we are load-to-ride, meaning your freight is never taken off the truck until it reaches your customer, making claims and damages much less likely and transit time shorter. We also base LTL on space in the truck and not by weight, keeping rates very low and competitive.

Please give us the opportunity to serve your transportation needs. Feel free to contact us with any rates or questions you may have!


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