Trucking Services

From NJ Throughout the USA


From our company office in Ringwood, NJ, we offer truckload service throughout the forty-eight states. All trucks are furnished with real-time tracking and every driver is required to supply their cellular number for 24-hour contact.

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Less Than Truckload

We offer less-than-truckload service throughout the forty-eight states. The advantage is we are “load to ride,” which cuts down on transportation time and freight is not handled multiple times. This means the way you put it in our truck is the way it will be delivered. We also base quotations on space in the truck rather than weight, which keeps pricing down

Expedited Service

For your time-sensitive loads we offer “team” drivers, which cuts down on transportation time significantly.

Flatbed Service

We have been handling flatbed freight for the last 35 years. Our flatbed, step desk and double-drops are all equipped with tarps and straps.


Our refrigerated service can handle all your frozen and protected-from-freezing loads.


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